Wipro Dotnet Interview Questions

  • What is SDLC 
  • What is CLR
  • What is Garbage collector and his methods
  • Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • What is abstract class
  • What is polymorphism
  • What is sealed class
  • What is Access modifier
  • In JavaScript how to call particular control
  • In grid-view how to call hyperlink in the column
  • Difference between Custom control and user control
  • Difference between Function and stored-procedure
  • Difference between primary key and composite key
  • What is view
  • What is ACID
  • What is RAC
  • What is Execute non-query, Execute-scalar, Execute-reader 
  • Difference between Web-service and WCF
  • Different types of bindings in WCF
  • What is default Contract
  • Difference between Message contract and Data contract
  • What is A , B, C in WCF
  • Is it possible have multiple endpoints in one service
  • How to know the service details
  • What is Configuration tool in .net 3.5, which version and use
  • Different design architectures 

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