Value Labs Dotnet Interview Questions

  • What is dependency property
  • What is event routing
  • WBP 
  • What is class library
  • What is entity frame work
  • What is generics
  • Difference between Dictionary, Collection, Hash 
  • MVC architecture
  • Types of design patterns available in .net
  • Difference between delegate and event
  • What is config manager
  • Difference between cursor and loops
  • How can we maintain multiple web.config files in one application
  • How to read XML data
  • SOAP architecture
  • What is WSDL
  • How to create objects in javascript
  • What is anonymous types
  • Difference between Union and Unionall 
  • What is Reflection
  • What is GAC and gacutil.exe
  • In AJAX why Script manager is mandatory
  • What is cross page post back

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