Honeywell SharePoint Interview Questions for 1 year experience

  • What is SharePoint
  • Difference between  SharePoint  Foundation and SharePoint Server
  • What is Default List in SharePoint
  • What is Default column in a list
  • Is it possible to documents in a list
  • Is it possible connect with other databases(oracle, SAP) ? If yes, how explain
  • SharePoint Features
  • What is default size of the empty class
  • Is it possible to instantiate the abstract class
  • What is Static Binding
  • What is Late Binding
  • Difference between Application page and Web-part
  • What is workflow ? And how it will work 
  • How to give permissions in SharePoint


  1. Can you please tell me the answer for What is Default List in SharePoint?

  2. Could someone help me in telling the answer for "What is Default List in SharePoint?"